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Ren Farren Doesn’t Want to ‘Lose the Night’

Sometimes as a blogger when you get submission after submission from the same artist, deep inside you may hope that it isn’t great – this way you don’t have to write about it.  Also sometimes as a blogger – the artist wins every time.  Enter Ren Farren.

While I haven’t been a teenage girl for quite sometime (ever), Ren Farren‘s youthful, energetic and bubbling Pop jams get me every time.  The LA based artist recently dropped her second EP (you may have read about it on RockDafuqOut), and is now ready to push her single, “Lose the Night“.  Right in line with everything I have heard from Ren so far, this one shines through precise and powerful vocals, smart songwriting, clean and pumping production and an overall uplifting, “take on the world” type energy.

About the track Ren says, “Lose the Night is a song about moments when you need to escape from pain–and the ways that it tends to catch up with you anyway. It’s a song about taking your power back, about having fun and going out and living your life even when you feel like trash. There are so many ways to cope with heartbreak, loss, and sadness, and I think dancing at a shitty bar with your best friends, even if you need to run to the bathroom to cry in between songs, should not be overlooked. This song is about the moments that got me through a really rough year. Sometimes healing is about leaning into your pain, but sometimes it’s about running, dancing, drinking, laughing, charging through even when you feel the darkness licking at your heels, refusing to let it swallow you completely, even if it’ll always be just behind you.

Do yourself a favor and get acquainted with Ren Farren.  You will be hearing a lot more from her.

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