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Restless Modern Takes on Jay Warren for Stunning Mix of ‘Closer’

Restless Modern is back on RockDafuqOut and in prime form.  This time around he has teamed up with Salt Lake City based Alt R&B artist Jay Warren for a touching remix of, “Closer”.

With both artists riding a wave of successful releases, the collaboration adds more fuel to the fire as Jay prepares a new single and RM prepares his debut EP for release.  On the new tune, Jay Warren’s stand out vocals and intuitive songwriting shine atop of the vibey Future inspired production from Restless Modern

The emotional release plays on the listeners sensitivities as well as a human connection that is undeniable.  In contrast to the silky vocals, the production brings a vibrant energy to the otherwise sexy and smooth single.  Low key melodies quickly couple with bright oscillating synths to create a dynamic release that is also able to keep the overall feel portrayed by the original.

Restless Modern is not stranger to the site, and one listen is surely enough to understand why we have a hard time passing on anything he sends our way.  Check it.

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