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The Scottish three-piece rock band, Retro Video Club, formed in 2015 and came bursting out of Edinburgh in 2018, with their first group of high-octane singles. Creating a sound based around energetic and guitar-heavy music, distorted and rooted with a little bit of funk, Retro Video Club is good ol' solid rock. Their latest EP, Situations, is a collection of upbeat songs that bolster their sonic fingerprint and add to the energy of their live shows. Amongst this collection is the lead single from the EP, "Break Up Songs", a track dedicated to moving forward from the sadness of a toxic relationship that has reached it's end, with a big " F-you!".

"Break Up Songs", is written in crescendo. The song starts off slow and smooth with gentle percussion and clean guitar chords giving way to a robust and distorted chorus explosion, in conjunction with the cathartic shouting of the lyric "i'm over it!". The songs energetic feeling empowers anyone listening and dealing with the toxicity of a bad relationship to make a change and put a stop to the madness. Anthemic in nature, "Break Up Songs", is a flag above the heads of every significant other that has had enough of the bullsh*t and games. If you're feeling some sort of way... press play, power up, and make the move. "Break Up Songs" is there to give you strength!

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