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Reverend Haus Goes Off on "Move Your Body"

Reverend Haus, the up-and-coming Tech House sensation hailing from Los Angeles, is here to make waves in the club scene with his latest track, "Move Your Body." This major tech house club banger is not just your run-of-the-mill track; it's a sonic journey that Reverend Haus has masterfully produced, written, and recorded himself. Signed by the iconic Groove Bassment, "Move Your Body" has been dominating the scene and features Reverend Haus' original vocals. With his roots in San Diego and a deep connection to the West Coast style, Reverend Haus infuses his tracks with funky-fresh beats, catchy original vocals, and groovy baselines that are simply irresistible.

Reverend Haus draws inspiration from renowned artists like Noizan & Biscits, and his music reflects this influence with a fusion of energy and style that's impossible to resist. As an LA-based Tech House producer and vocalist, he's quickly rising through the ranks, with releases on prominent labels such as Groove Bassment, Wyldcard Records, Backroom Recs, WeAreFreaks, Future Cuts, and more. "Move Your Body" is a testament to Reverend Haus' dedication to the art of crafting music that moves not only your body but also your soul. If you're a fan of infectious beats and a vibrant club atmosphere, keep an eye on this talented artist who's set to take the tech house scene by storm.

Reverend Haus is the embodiment of the next generation of tech house producers, and "Move Your Body" is a prime example of what he brings to the table. Reverend Haus has carved a niche for himself that's impossible to ignore. If you're on the hunt for a track that will get you moving and grooving, look no further than "Move Your Body" and keep an ear out for this artist's future releases. It's clear that Reverend Haus is poised for a meteoric rise in the electronic music world.

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