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Richard Grey & Marcos Carnaval Team Up for ‘Take You Higher Baby’ [VIDEO]

While both Richard Grey and Marcos Carnaval have had some major success individually, their new collaboration sees both artists combine their skills to create and absolute summer anthem.  Their new single, “Take You Higher Baby“, is the perfect mix of Soul and classic House and brings a Nu Disco feel that is sure to get people groovin’.

Based around a classic sample from the legendary Sandy mercer, Grey and Carnaval create an epic dance floor filler that is equal parts bump and grind.  From funky guitar rhythms to driving horn leads and pumping drums, their new collaboration heats things up as we break out of winter and prepare for the sunshine.  Reminiscent of the jams that first made House a worldwide phenomenon, “Take You Higher Baby“, has everything that a House head could ever want.

If you are a DJ or just need an instant mood booster.. put this one on repeat.

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