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Riley Parker Preps the Release of Her EP 'Broken Promises' with Two New Singles

Nashville-based singer/songwriter Riley Parker is set to release her upcoming EP, "Broken Promises", and the singles so far are more than enough to have us patiently waiting. Hailing from Pensacola, Florida, Riley Parker formed her band in 2015 after moving to Music City and joining a songwriting group named The Pizza Collective; a group of likeminded artists who require members to write one new song every week, or suffer the penalty of paying $1 to the pizza jar. Through the weekly sessions and after finding inspiration and discipline, Parker continued to hone her skills as a talented wordsmith with a message.

A champion for the LGBTQ+ community, having spent much of her adult life facing some of the many challenges that many gay people do, it seems music has helped her find the confidence and support she has always longed for. About her experience she says, "Growing up as a gay woman living in the American South, Tegan and Sara were the only out, queer artists whose music made me feel safe and understood. Since there is still such a massive hole representing my experience in our collective cultural nexus, I decided to incorporate my sexuality into my songs hoping to offer help to somebody else by validating their experience, like Tegan and Sara did for me."

Now ever-confident in her abilities as a singer/songwriter, Riley Parker is ready to lay it on the line with her forthcoming EP. So far she has shared singles, "Wilted", and, "Discover", and both offerings help to add to the excitement for new and old fans alike. With her hazy, captivating vocals, relatable lyrics and earworm melodies leading the way, there is no doubt Riley Parker has found a way to create tunes that connect. Make sure you give her a follow and stay tuned for the drop of her EP, "Broken Promises".

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