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Rioma Unleashes Salty New Single "Pickle Jar"

New Jersey based artist Rioma is back once again on RockDafuqOut Records with his brand-new BANG, “Pickle Jar.” The perfect follow up to his early summer smash, “Don’t Lose the Light,” his new single is a high-energy Alt-Pop bomb that is sure to get fans hyped. Gritty guitars, dynamic vocals, slapping drums and melodies that will get stuck in your head for days all come together on, “Pickle Jar,” to create something that you can’t help but rock to - max volume suggested. About the release, Rioma says, “Life’s like a jar of pickles - sometimes sour, sometimes sweet - just gotta dill with it.

With an unmatched work ethic, endless amount of creativity and electrifying performances, it is no doubt that Rioma is on his way to making some major waves. Blending influences from Hip-Hop, Rock, Pop and Punk, his latest batch of releases fit seamlessly within the mainstream; but you’d be hard pressed trying to find another artist to compare him to. With a sound and style all his own and a giant stash of tunes at the ready, Rioma is surely an artist you want to keep an eye on.

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