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Rising Latin-pop artist Matias drops new single “No Me Dejes Solo”

The unstoppable rise of Latin music in the US has become one of the most important moments in recent pop history. From artists like J Balvin, Luis Fonsi, and Rosalía, representation of Latinx artists in mainstream culture has grown dramatically, translating over into the Billboard Hot 100 charts and according to Forbes last year, a take over of “Spotify’s most streamed songs of the Summer around the world”. Enter Matias, a rising Latin artist fast making a name for himself as one to watch. With 4 EPs and performances in front of crowds of 3000+, this is an artist with no signs of slowing down.

Released today, his latest single “No Me Dejes Solo” (Don’t Leave Me Alone) is a smooth, Reggaeton-infused track about the pain of longing and unrequited love. Against a backdrop of flamenco-flecked guitar and a catchy beat, Matias’ sultry vocals take center stages with a delivery ripe with emotion.

Sharing the inspiration behind the song, Matias says ” “No Me Dejes Solo” tells the tale of unrequited love that’s been told throughout the times. One person has fallen in love with another, but the other person doesn’t even know they are there. The song expresses the internal thoughts and struggle within this individual’s mind – the dire need for the attention of the other so much, that they feel cut to the core by their longing.” A classically trained musician from a young age, Matias cites a diverse spectrum of musical influences including Sinatra, Pavarotti, as well Salsa influenced sounds from Marc Anthony and Oscar D’Leon. Following a year-long move to Colombia to reconnect with his roots, Matias immersed himself in the studio with some of the biggest Latin producers in the industry, including Grammy Nominated Jorge “Pyngwi” Holguin. This experience helped Matias to find his true calling – to create music that connected him to his heritage. Stream “No Me Dejes Solo” below and stay up to date with all things Matias by following him on Instagram.

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