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Rising Nashville Indie-Pop Artist to Release Synth-Driven New Single "Heart Was Broken"

Stacy Kelleher’s newest track, “Heart Was Broken,” is a must-have summer song in your playlist with dreamy synths, gorgeous background vocals, and an addictive pop melody and beat. This up-beat indie-pop anthem was written by Stacey and Nashville songwriters, Emily Gurklis and Frances Litterski. Stacey’s warm and rich vocals and airy harmonies not only elevate the slow emotional part of her song, but is versatile in its sound, capable of possessing punchy energy, which is necessary when creating hit pop tracks, like this one.

Beyond her obvious musical talent, artistry, and performance skills, Stacey is a skilled lyricist and writer, channeling raw and honest emotions from her personal life into her songs. “Heart Was Broken,” is no exception, detailing the origination of her current relationship and how a breakup brought her and her partner together. Stacey writes,

“The song tells the story of being thankful that the object of your affection went through a heartbreak because, in the long run, that heartbreak leads them to you.”

“Heart Was Broken” is about her now-boyfriend, Alex Fansel, who produced, mixed, and mastered the track. Their union is not only felt through the personal lyrics, but also through the soft and easy melody. Stacy has the unique ability to take a personal experience and translate it into something universal that listeners can relate to. She trickles in details about her relationship that is unique to her, yet still prioritizes the universal highs and lows that come with wanting someone you can’t have, and then being with them, as the driving inspiration for the song.

“Heart Was Broken” is a celebratory track that recognizes the turbulence that comes with heartbreak, while also seeing it as an opportunity to start something new. Stacey's last project "Songs So Far" was released in November 2021 and has received over 75,000 streams across DSPs. It was featured on No Country for New Nashville, Nashville Unsigned, We Are: The Guard, Young Music City, Jrod Concerts Podcast, and many more. She has played many venues in Nashville, such as the Ryman Auditorium, The Basement, The Bowery Vault, and more.

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