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Rising Rapper Oompa Levels Up on New Album “UNBOTHERED”

Critically acclaimed rapper and spoken word poet Oompa has released her long awaited, third album, “UNBOTHERED”. The “subtle force in Boston’s music scene” (DigBoston) has been catching attention not only for her signature beat riding flow, but for her incredibly honest and relatable storytelling. The album marks a new era, both sonically and personally, for the “visionary” artist (Performer Mag) with a buoyant production style and free-styled versus. “UNBOTHERED” delves into the timely sentiments of personal reflection and healing after a period of global and spiritual turmoil, where sadness and death seem so prominent. 

With her debut album “November 3rd” (2016) and highly revered follow-up “Cleo” (2019) exploring the depths of loss, pain, and overcoming, “UNBOTHERED” finds Oompa in a new-found state of peace. The album unfurls Oompa’s journey of self discovery and learning that joy is possible, despite the struggles within and around us. Through vulnerable lyricism, Oompa paints a vivid and honest picture of the duality of personal growth, “I wanted to teach myself that healing is slow and non-performative”. On this record, Oompa is choosing to keep what she calls the “ugly parts” private, and instead, invite her listeners along to enjoy the artefacts.

Sonically, “UNBOTHERED” explores an intricate spectrum of sounds and moods that progress from the more sombre, gospel-inspired opener “AMEN” (feat. Benji) to lighter, quirkier bops in the latter half, including the infectious project’s first single “GO(ft. Dan DeCristofaro). That freedom of expression helped bring to life an album brimming with gems including the hard-hitting “LEBRON ” and New-Orleans bounce inspired “OUTTA PATIENCE”. Both of which left a major impression with the likes of Consequence of Sound, The Ebro Show on Apple Music, Def Jam’s Double Elvis Podcast, Ones to Watch, and EARMILK. Accompanying the single roll-out, was a series of ten, playful visuals loosely inspired by the unconventional love story told in the Melina Matsoukas fim, “Queen and Slim”.

When reflecting on the journey to “UNBOTHERED”, Oompa mused “Over the course of my eventful life I went from knowing there had to be something I was brought into this world to do, to believing in what I’m here to be. I went from processing my life in mourning to accepting it and promising myself joy each day. The work seems not to be to find out what you were put on the Earth to do, but a reason to stay”

Listen to “UNBOTHERED” below!

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