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Rising Young Star, Erik Frank Releases New Single ‘Miami’

Rising star Erik Frank just released his new single, “Miami.” In this record, Frank gives us his unique spin on R&B and Trap fusion. The record begins with a filtered, ominous chord progression coupled with Erik’s textured vocals. He kicks off the record with reminiscing about his ex-lover while admitting the feelings he still has.

“Try my best to be somebody new, but you far away from me. You been hanging with somebody new, getting further away.”

Frank briefly sheds light on the true inspiration of this record in a recent interview with press. “Life changes at 21. Written the first day I moved to Los Angeles. I’m starting my new life. Leaving the past behind is tough and I would still go back to her.”

Born in a small village of just 200 people in Spain, becoming a star may have seemed farfetched for a young Erik Frank. But after moving from Spain to France to the U.K and finally landing in the U.S., Erik’s global experience shaped the style of his music. At 21,  his mature fusion of musical genres is unlike anything we have ever heard before. Make sure you check out his new music.

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