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River Turns Sadness into Strength in "Happy for You"

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Growing up with the songs of Billie Holiday, Etta James & Elvis Presley, young artist River channels her influences in the ultimate comeback song entitled "Happy for You". Inspired by her decision to turn sadness into strength, "Happy for You" offers a modern take on an old school vibe, while telling a story about someone going back and forth over how they feel about their ex. Witnessing her journey of emotional growth, the Swedish R&B songstress bares her soul in a beautiful moment of heart-on-sleeve storytelling. Often describing her music as a sensual mix of retro-pop and soul, we feel her journey and value her transparency as she sings about something that many people either can relate to or want to relate to. There's nothing easy about a breakup; however River tackles it with a truly inspirational grace.

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