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🚦"Roboto": Ntatao and Melo B Jones Join Forces in a Motswako Fusion, Echoing the Intricacies of On-and-Off Relationships 

Acclaimed artists Melo B Jones and Ntatao have joined forces to release "Roboto," a unique and captivating song that explores the intricate dynamics of on-and-off relationships. This multi-lingual track weaves together English, Setswana, and Sesotho collaboration introduces a blend of Motswako, featuring hard-hitting Boom Bap beats that underscore the emotive journey of love.


"Roboto" explores the intricate dynamics of on-and-off relationships, delving into the story of a partner who transforms their emotional state, resembling the predictability of a traffic light—a theme explored through English, Setswana, and Sesotho lyrics. The call-and-response structure of the song narrates an uncertain love story, creating a compelling and relatable experience for listeners.


Melo B Jones, the creative force behind the concept and chorus, describes "Roboto" as a personal offering that she is immensely proud of. The collaboration with Ntatao brought forth a fresh yet nostalgic perspective on the challenges of navigating unpredictable love. The song symbolizes the ups and downs of relationships, portraying the frustration when promises go unmet and the instability inherent in such connections.


Ntatao's Personal Touch: Ntatao's verse in the track stems from a personal account, adding a layer of authenticity and relatability to the song. Listeners are invited to draw parallels between the narrative in "Roboto" and their own experiences, making the track a mirror reflecting the universal aspects of love and relationships.


Melo B Jones expresses her excitement, stating, "I am honored to have collaborated with Ntatao on 'Roboto.' This song is not just a collaboration; it's a testament to the shared human experience of navigating the complexities of love. We hope listeners resonate with the emotions we've poured into this project."


"Roboto" is more than a song; it's a musical journey that encapsulates the essence of relationships in a melodic and thought-provoking manner. The track is available for streaming on [platforms] and promises to be a standout addition to the playlists of music enthusiasts seeking a unique fusion of Motswako and Boom Bap beats.


Follow Ntatao, Melo B Jones and Paradise Sound System on social media for updates and announcements: 

Instagram: @ntatao_,  @melob_jones,  @paradisesoundsystem,  


Facebook: paradisesoundsystem 


Label Copy: 

Genre: R&B

ISRC: DEY472378563  


Composers: Leboto Moshoeshoe & Boitumelo Mpye

Issued by Paradise Sound System 

For More Information contact: Mike Kelly

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