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Rock Band Ink to Spill Releases First Song off of Upcoming Trilogy: “Hyd’N”

Quick off the heels of their anthemic cry for social justice “Chalk Lines”, rock band Ink to Spill breaks down new walls in their emotional hit “Hyd’N, the first song of a trilogy related to songwriter Bob’s father’s passing and its effects on the greater family. “Hyd’N” introduces a new level of vulnerability from the band. Consistent in their conceptual tracks, the new single follows a story of struggle, swept up by the seduction of alcohol despite the risks involved. A heart-wrenching tale, “Hyd’N” draws inspiration from real life events, some of which many might find tragically relatable. Lead songwriter Bob Sauer recalls a lengthy and tumultuous push and pull with his alcoholic father as he recalls emotional turmoil from past events. The chorus takes a humble approach by recognizing the lack of control we have as humans over what is ultimately said to be ‘our fate’. But the verses paint pictures of sadness as we gain a deeper understanding of the weight felt from dealing with a loved ones’ difficult battle with addiction.

“Spirits for breakfast make little sense, You know they make a sharp man dense / They soften up the athlete’s flesh, And turn a champion to a mess”

Songwriter Bob Sauer recalls a carousel of moments that mark his most crucial memories of his father’s battle with addiction. From his dad’s hinting at picking up the bottle again someday while Bob drove him home from rehab, to his father’s attempted suicide and the painful ways it affected his mom. “Hyd’N” not only describes his father’s personality transformation before & after consumption, it also seems to imply that his father was hiding from himself while using the alcohol as his secret (and sometimes not so secret) hiding place. Perhaps one of the more impactful instances for Bob was when he took his father home from the police station after he received a DUI only later to find out that his dad didn’t remember who took him home. It was only after his fathers passing that they found where he had hid his drinking, fully equipped with a pulley system that lowered the bottles behind his work bench in the garage.

The hard-hitting track stays true to the soulful core of Ink to Spill’s music while seamlessly paired with bluesy undertones and rock n roll guitar riffs. Their effortless combination of skills comes from lead vocalist and guitarist Gus Reeves, organ and bass player Ryan Behling and world-renowned percussionist Ernie Adams. “Hyd’N”’s song structure is equal parts reflective as it is danceable. The instrumental bridge feels reminiscent of jam band concerts in the summertime, giving a lighthearted feel to a heavy-hitting song. Having received high praises from Grit Daily, The Hype Magazine, Medium Magazine, Thrive Global, Tattoo Magazine, The Virginian-Pilot, The Hollywood Tribune and many more, the coast-to-coast-to-coast band continues to make waves, touch hearts and advocate for all that is good, while effortlessly remaining true to themselves.

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