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RockDafuqOut Summertime Selects

Throughout the summer, RockDafuqOut has come across a number of jams that have been rocking steadily in our curated playlists.  With festival season still in full effect, these tunes have been keeping our moods high and our systems rocking.  If you are a fan of good music, keep scrolling to see some of our picks for summer 19.  If you are a DJ, you will want to add these bad boys to your bins.

Defunk – Over the Moon (feat. Megan Hamilton)

From the stand out, sultry vocals from Megan Hamilton to the gritty synthetic production laid out by Defunk, this track is as energetic as it is dynamic.  Lush atmospheric elements couple with big buids and dirty basslines to find the perfect balance between groove and head knocking filth.

Famba – Swear to God (Dallerium Remix)

This flip by Dallerium on Famba‘s track, “Swear to God“, brings a bright and bubbly, uplifting vibe – with a huge vocal hook driving the overall emotion of the tune.  Intricate production techniques in the drop contrast piano laden verses to bring a highly transformative tune from beginning to end.

SIDEREAL – Love Me 3X (feat. Kavale & Kaycyy Pluto)

SIDEREAL has been on an absolute tear this year.  Regularly landing in our inbox with some stand out jams, “Love Me X3“, brings some smooth, afro pop inspired vibes carries by vocals from Kavale & Kaycyy Pluto.  From slick rhythms to an undeniable vibe, this one crosses over genres to create a perfectly summer ready tune.

Chris Jake – Don’t Wait for Tomorrow (David Ritt Remix)

The David Ritt‘s remix for Chris Jake‘s, “Don’t Wait for Tomorrow“, brings big festival vibes as he works off of the emotive vocals and builds into an absolutely stunning melodic yet high-energy drop.  The dynamic tracks builds from the verses in prime fashion, giving the listener a chance to catch their breath between drops.

The Roosevelts – Love in Color (Brook Xiao Remix)

While the Roosevelts have made some waves independenltly since first launching, summer 19 has brought about the groups first official remix, laid out by Brook Xiao.  Working off the smooth and sexy vibes of the original, the track keeps an R&B twinge while the updated production helps to bring it to a whole new place.  Between the verses, the track builds into a catchy as fuck, Future Bass Inspired drop, helping the tune work everywhere from the club to the airwaves.

KOLIDESCOPES – Foundations (feat. Jasmine Thompson)

Electronic duo KOLIDESCOPES, have been landing on the site with nearly every recent release they have blessed up with.  The fast rising group has found their stride blending commercially friendly Pop influences, bright melodics and a whole lot of groove into tunes that cross borders, penetrate the masses and appeal to the world.  Their latest release, “Foundations“, sees the groupl chill things out a bit, enlisting Jasmine Thompson to deliver an enchanting, soulful performance as the group builds a driving yet subtle production that without a doubt brings a mood enhancing vibe.  Yet another stand out release from KOLIDESCOPES, these guys are quickly becoming one of my favorite production teams.

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