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Rolling Loud DJ Five Venoms Releases New Track “Too Toxic”

Based out of Miami, FL, DJ Five Venoms is best known for his involvement with one of the largest annual hip hop music festivals ‘Rolling Loud’. As the host of Sirius XM’s ‘Rolling Loud’ Radio, DJ Five Venoms has built a notable name for himself in the world of hip hop as well as the festival circuit. Under his label $ic World Music, his new single “Too Toxic” officially releases today on all streaming platforms. Written directly after the killing of George Floyd, DJ Five Venoms was feeling the weight of society and the immense amount of conflict due to mass unemployment, civil unrest and a crippling pandemic that prevented him from moving the way he was used to. This has been a year of turbulence and its impact on creativity has definitely is hard to miss. Artists like DJ Five Venoms have dove head first into their prolific nature to document the emotional chaos that is 2020.

In his single “Too Toxic” he and featured artists Prettyboy Kelsey & Pressure Dommer encourage listeners to push through hardships. The video’s simplicity humanizes each vocalist as they maintain a transparent flow to document their own personal journey through our current climate. The video’s performance shots were filmed atop an Orlando parking garage with a gorgeous skyline view. As an open format DJ, he thrives off of the energy of a crowd and this translates seamlessly behind the camera. Described as a ‘fight song’, “Too Toxic” urges listeners to use music to fight through the hard times. More importantly, he asks the question with a much needed answer which is “How do we prepare for this to happen again?” Appropriately shot at night, the video pairs seamlessly with the state of darkness that we’re living in today. “Too Toxic” is the first of many releases to come that will further solidify DJ Five Venoms as a top player both in the booth and on the stage.

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