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ROMAR Explores a Twist of Fate in ‘Your Heart’ [VIDEO]

Today we have a dreamy track and an equally intriguing video from Cologne based ROMAR.  His latest release, “Your Heart“, is a mid-tempo atmospheric jam that develops overtime, keeping the listener hooked at every turn.

The blend of Electronic and Acoustic elements in the production creates a fresh and powerful soundscape for the vocals to soar.  Soft sections of piano and vocals build into a powerful hook laden with layered vocals and driving rhythms.

The song itself is a hymn to everyone who feels scared of being disappointed when taking a risk.  “Despite inner conflicts, you should take courage, place everything on one card and go for it. It’s worth it.” says ROMAR.

The accompanying video is beautifully shot and cinematically approached.  With a plot line that reads like a twisted thriller, the video takes a dark, unexpected turn at the end – but I’ll let you see for yourself.  About the visuals, ROMAR says, “Two completely differently motivated people carry the meaning of the song in their hearts as they meet by chance one afternoon. The video is supposed to set the viewer on the wrong track, mislead him to superficiality, just in order to surprise him entirely.

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