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Ronnie Lott Sings Of His Uptown Girl In “Best Friend”

Ladies, there are a number of you who have your shit together. Financial freedom, dream job, flat in Manhattan, it seems like there’s nothing else for these women need to manifest. But love doesn’t seem to come as easily. Ronnie Lotts lends his idea of navigating this love life with his latest single “Best Friend.”

The song carries a relaxed demeanor, but the chorus echoes sentiments of honesty and genuinity. Driven by some sly hi-hats and a soft 808, the production leans into this subtle plea to be loved like a best friend. The lyrics echo this high class life, but when it comes to love, there’s no passion from the suit from Wall Street. This woman knows what she needs and deserves, and it’s the alley cat from Brooklyn who will treat her like a “best friend.”

Texan urban pop artist Ronnie Lott brought a mainstream savvy to his cross-genre mix of rap and R&B in a melodic manner that blended the styles of Drake, the Weeknd, and Big Sean. After years of underground mixtape releases, he issued his official studio debut, Nothing Is Forever, in 2016. In May of 2020, Ronnie Lott returned with a new single titled “Tease.” Which got high praise from Spotify’s Top Curator Carl Chery and music manager Marcus T. Grant.

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