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Rosalie Details Manipulative Love On “Hologram”

There are many other emotions that can be mistaken for love. Unfortunately, sorting through them comes with time and experience. Rosalie reflects on this new found wisdom with her latest downtempo tune “Hologram.”

The song consists of lush synths and sensory lyrics. The steady beat allows you to hone in on Rosalie’s husky voice while she sings crafted lines like “you engineered my trust,” “what you see isn’t what you get,” and “I don’t think of love like it was a master plan.” This song was a way for Rosalie to cope after ending her toxic relationship, noting it was hard for her to find music that detailed a breakup that wasn’t normal and saying: 

“This is hard to write, but I think it’s important to speak our truth and tell our stories…if anyone else has gone through a similar experience, I hope it helps them feel seen, heard, and not as alone.

After recovering from an autoimmune condition, Rosalie moved to Nashville where she found her sound transition from folk/singer songwriter to left-of-center pop. She merges the accessibility of catchy melodies, the adventure of programmed beats with the honesty and emotional vulnerability of folk and the lyrical craft found in Nashville’s unique approach to songwriting.

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