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Rowe Launches Solo Catalog With Stunning Single ‘Tired Love’

Since this last tune landed in my inbox a couple of weeks ago, it has been getting me all up in my feelings.  While this may be the debut single for California based singer/songwriter Rowe, it is far from the beginning for the mastermind behind the project, Becky Filip.  After spending years as part of the now disbanded group The Honey Trees, Becky took some time to find herself, her sound and some solitude.  Retreating to a small town on the California coast, she was able to find focus as she delved deeper into her own musical tastes, soon developing a strong affinity for the heartbreaking honesty of Amy Winehouse and the avant-garde of Frank Ocean.

With a new spark, Becky Filipe turned to Nashville-based musician/producer and long time friend Micah Tawlks to help bring her new vision to life.  On her debut single as Rowe, “Tired Love“, she finds her stride blending her stunning vocals with smooth, rich, jazzy instrumentation over a  smoldering down-tempo groove.  Contemporary in form, Rowe makes sure to bring her own personal touch of experimentation to the track, helping to make it feel oh so fresh while pulling from times past and experiences lived.  

About the tune, Rowe says, “This song is my first single as a solo artist, years after the dissolution of a band I was in. It’s not necessarily about one person or relationship, but kind of encompasses a lot of experiences I’ve had where I was made to feel like I couldn’t fully be myself and I needed certain people to be strong. It’s a testimonial to growth and healing, finding strength just as yourself, and felt like the perfect first song to share as a solo artist.

If you are into smooth, sexy, emotional, groovy, dynamic, fresh, soulful, high quality tunes – this one is for you. 

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