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LA based, breakthrough Alt/Pop artist, Royal & The Serpent is fresh off of her 16 date tour with fellow artist YUNGBLUD, which ended in December. During her time on the tour, the extremely talented artist teased a new single to fans, turning out to be her recently released mystifying and single, ‘I Can’t Get High‘ via Atlantic Records. The latest release follows previous singles “bad kids” ft Yoshi Flower and Royal’s own October get a grip’ EP. Remaining true to her Gemini core, Royal “reveals the wild duality at the heart of her artistry and speaks to the incredible power of embracing your true nature.” The artist even portrays as much, in her name, Royal & The Serpent; Royal, referring to her “sweet sunshine angel” personality and the Serpent, referring to the side she describes as “freaky devil maniac.”

The new single ‘I Can’t Get High,’ itself, follows the same duality. The tune drives with high energy and a provocative tone, sporting thick-crunchy synth riffs and deep-bass vibes. With a snappy drum track and Royal’s signature high pitch, silky, vocal tone, ‘I Can’t Get High’ certainly has a bright side. However, it’s not all sunshine and flowers, the content of lyrics serve the melody conversely, giving the listener a sultry and alluring journey of emotion. Royal & The Serpent is so relatable and immersing that it’s impossible not to be engulfed by her music. This is only bolstered by her unapologetic transparency and full–spectrum emotional experience.

“Royal delivers the perfect combination of funk and grace in a sweet sound rich with hypnotic melodies.”

Another single of Royal’s, ‘Overwhelmed‘ was a huge success. Amassing over 101 million views on YouTube, and reaching a Top 5 showing on Billboard’s Rock and Alt Airplay charts. The hit even accrued over 4 plus million TikTok creates. The video which can be seen below is artful, quirky, and turbulent, in all the right ways!

Listen to more from Royal & The Serpent, here:

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