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Ruben Young’s ‘Bad Habits’

Canadian artist Ruben Young has just unleashed his new single, “Bad Habits“, and it has been one of my favorite new finds since it hit my inbox.

Perfectly blending the lines between Pop + R&B, the Classified produced, “Bad Habits“, will without a doubt be tearing up the charts across the border.  The soulful production adds the perfect amount of support to Ruben’s stunning vocals which carry the tune throughout.  Memorable lyrics, fun production, great top lines and a perfect arrangement make this track work on all fronts.

Check it out and see below for a quick Q&A with Ruben. 

RDFO: Your voice is really impressive, have you always been a singer?

Ruben: Yup, I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember – since before I was any good. School talent shows, on the school bus, high school cover bands, etc. When I was 16 I made it into the Canadian Idol top 50 as well

RDFO: I feel like if John Legend & Jon Bellion were combined into a person… it would be you. Can you tell me about some of your biggest musical inspirations?

Ruben: That’s amazing, haha! Those two are huge influences, and are definitely dudes I admire musically and creatively – so I appreciate that comparison! I have so many musical inspirations it’s so tough to make a short list. Marvin Gaye has been big. I can put on “Mercy” any time, any day, and just vibe out. Amy Winehouse was big for me when I first got into writing – “Back to Black” and “Frank” was 75% of what I listened to in high school. Lauryn Hill and Raphael Saadiq made me fall in love with R&B when I was young. Kanye West is my #1 though. Say what you want about him, but he’s a creative genius. Album to album to album, he’s changed the game so many times, and does it differently – it’s ridiculous. The dream is to make a record with him. 

RDFO: We know Canada is really great to artists (unlike the US) can you explain to our readers some of the perks of being a Canadian Artist?

Ruben: Being Canadian is the greatest; honestly. Our culture believes in the potential of Canadian talent. From grants to showcases to CANCON requirements, the Canadian system is built to foster the artists that have proven that they’re ready to work for it. I am so lucky that my mom decided to raise me here. 

RDFO: You seem to keep busy performing… Do you have one show in mind that was your favorite to perform at?

Ruben: This summer I have opened for Akon, Classified and The Chainsmokers. It’s been great to get a taste of performing for big crowds on big stages, and for such iconic artists. But my best moment wasn’t actually as an opener. 5 minutes before Class went on, his tour manager grabs me and says, “Get an instrumental version of “Bad Habits” ready NOW. Class wants you to perform it with him during his set.” I thought I was in a damn dream. A few minutes later, I’m up there – looking across the stage at him, as we both put up our hands and yell “You’re dangerous, love”. It was fucking insane. 

RDFO: What is up next for you?

Ruben: Next up is “Bad Habits”. I’ve been waiting to put this song out for a year. I wanted to do it right, you know? On August 4th, the song goes live, it hits the radio across the country, and a 7 week-long international remix contest with SKIO music. I can’t wait to put my head down, and hustle my ass off until R&B and pop fans around the world hear this song. Thank you guys for helping make that happen. 

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