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Running Lights Soar with Anthemic single- “Not The One”

Energetic and exciting NYC based trio, Running Lights, consists of brothers Mike (guitars/vocals) & Nick Squillante, (Keys) with friend Steve Ranellone (drums). Making a name for themselves, accruing millions of views of their YouTube covers, the band is deeply rooted in an ethic of hard work and perseverance. From the start, they have poured immense energy and talent into their work. The brothers, Squillante, have spent their recent years working with major industry names, respectively. Mike has been touring as a guitarist/keyboardist for major label acts such as, Melanie Martinez and Gnash of Atlantic records. Nick, on the other hand has been working at the storied Electric Lady Studios, in NYC , collaborating exclusively with 7-time Grammy winning mix-engineer Michael Brauer.

After years of learning and grinding in the industry, amongst leaders, the brothers never lost sight of their own goals as artists. Finally, joining forces with their childhood friend Steve, an accomplished drummer and veteran of large festivals such as the Warped Tour they became Running Lights. The trio have been churning out, energetic, fun, and great sounding music ever since.

In 2018, the band signed a deal wit LA based IDAP Music. Together they have crafted a debut that captures the energy, power, and fearless passion of the bands live show. Running Lights latest single ‘Not The One‘, is a well written, pain stakingly produced and energetic jam. With a robust synthesized 80’s sound and indie/pop/emo feel, the single is both nostalgic and current. Smoothly delivered vocals show honed skills, paired with totally relatable lyrics, that deal with the “sobering realization that you may not be what’s best for your lover”. The 80’s synth beat drives and delivers an anthemic, sonic sound that is all too familiar to our favorite jams of the past but the song content is undeniably current and rooted in all that is right with the indie/pop genre of today.

Running Lights have been delivering great music since inception, and nothing has changed, with this single.

Listen to more from Running Lights, here:

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