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rx Soul Gets Saucy on New Single ‘Time Moves Slow’

While I have been keeping an eye on rx Soul for some time now, today marks the first time he has been officially featured on site – and it is long over due.  Creating emotive tunes, blending both acoustic and electronic elements, the multi-talented singer/songwriter/producer has been cranking out tunes over the last couple of years – pouring his heart into everything he creates – hoping to connect with fans on a deep and personal level.  

Recently, rx Soul has unveiled his latest single, “Time Moves Slow”, and it is a smooth, sexy and thought-provoking tune that incorporates live instrumentation, tempo changes, seductive vocals and an impressive arrangement that can only be crafted by someone who has been playing music for years.  The intricacies involved in the production and arrangement, based on an impressive understanding of music theory, are far from cookie cutter and without a doubt help to prove that rx Soul is ready to make a name for himself.

About the new tune, he says, “I dated someone for a long time who went to college across the country from where I was living at the time. Every May she would come home, and every August, our time together would come to an end. I wrote this song about those final moments before she left where time kind of stopped for us and it was like she didn’t have to go.

Give this one a spin (or a thousand) and remember, “The king ain’t a king til the queens done.

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