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Ryann Lecklider In Reality

LA transplant Ryann Lecklider just dropped a bubbly new single, “Welcome to Reality“.

While Ryann always loved music as a child, a career in the business never seemed like an option and wasn’t even really considered. Growing up in Indianapolis she spent her childhood as many do, playing sports, joining school clubs and singing in choir.  After graduating with a degree from DePaul University, she made the move to LA where she eventually met her vocal coach in the local church.  After some development, she decided to give music a shot… and we’re happy she did. 

Flexing her vocals on a percussive Pop production, catchy melodies and memorable lyrics carry the tune through while Ryann sings about longing and falling into a love she has never before experienced.  Breaking down her walls and giving into her hearts desires, this time she lets go and gives into gravity – this is a leap of faith that you can only hope works out for her in the end.

Overall this is a super solid Pop tune and is by far my favorite release of hers yet.  She’s def going in the right direction with this sound.

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