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Sage Charmaine Drops Visuals for Fan Favorite ‘Around’ [VIDEO]

While LA based singer/songwriter Sage Charmaine may not yet be old enough to hit the clubs in her home town, she has spent the last several years on an absolute tear.  Having been performing nearly her whole life, the rising teen starlet has already released an impressive number of well received singles and projects, landing into he radar of tastemakers far and wide – while also locking in a number of tours and gigs across the US and Canada.  

Having transformed from a Disney-esque pop prototype to an angsty, attitude filled teen badass, Sage Charmaine has made sure to play by her own rules, carving a lane of her own and developing her sound to reflect exactly who she is at this point in her life – real, raw and unapologetic.  With a stash of new tunes in the pipeline and her previous works still racking up some impressive numbers, Sage Charmaine has just blessed listeners with a new video for fan favorite, “Around”.

About the tune, Sage says, “The song is about constantly feeling like you’re being looked down upon because you don’t have the same level of “clout” or huge “following” as others — which has nothing to do with experience or talent. Just because you came out here a year ago and got lucky on TikTok doesn’t mean you’re more legit than someone who has been working hard to write/record/perform their music and build their career for years. That’s what I mean by ‘I’ve been around’.

With the single itself is still showing no signs of letting up, the new video sees Sage team up with her IRL homies to create an authentic, playful and totally fresh visual that helps to give listeners a look into the persona that hides behind the recorded discography.  About the inspiration behind the video, Sage says, “For the video, I take a lot of my personal aesthetic from visual artists who are very colorful: like 90’s artist Lisa Frank, Oliver Hibert and Takashi Murakami — who use rainbows and bright colors in practically all their work. I wanted to use my real friends in the video because I wanted it to be super authentic, because I think people respond most to authenticity and being real — I didn’t see the need for “actors” when I have a whole group of friends who already cool as shit and wear cool shit. I thought it would make the video even more fun to watch, realistic and relatable.” 

Having been lucky enough to hear some snippets of the music she’s been in the studio working on, I can tell you that there is some major heat coming from the LA young gun.  Make sure you check this video out – but do yourself a favor and keep an eye out for what’s up next.  

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