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Sage Charmaine Slays on ‘Not Really’ [VIDEO]

I’ve been sitting on this next one for a bit, and while I may not be the target demo for it… I’ve been shamelessly rocking it.

15 year old singer/actress Sage Charmaine has recently released her new single, “Not Really”, along with a stunning video and it’s the perfect blend of teenage angst, ethereal Pop vibes and sass.  From the get, Sage grabs the listener with her attitude laced vocals on top of a gritty synth line, keeping the track mellow and dark before picking up into the hook.

The whole vibe of the tune transforms to match the lyrics, delivering an uplifting Pop hook filled with big, bright synths and pumping power chords.  The dynamic release has some how found a way for Sage to express nearly every emotion into one song.  Written by Sage alongside, PJ Bianco (Nick Jonas, Demi Lovato, Fifth Harmony and A R I Z O N A) and Myah Marie Langston, “Not Really”, is a solid tune that shows what the youngster is really made of.  With her debut single, “Cherries”, already sitting over 150K, Sage Charmaine is slowly building a catalog to be proud of.

Flexing a bit of girl power, the video was created by nearly an all female team about which Sage says, “I would consider myself a feminist, and I definitely believe women deserve the same rights as men. In 2018, we’ve definitely come a long way, but I really hope they’ll be more cool opportunities for women in the industry…

Keep an eye on this one.

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