• Nicholas Zallo

Saladin Brings Down the House with ‘Chicago Dirty’

Straight out of the home of House, Chicago DJ/producer Saladin has been dropping some major bombs as of late.  While bookings keep rolling in and tunes keep getting turned out, it seems to me that many House heads have yet to catch the vibe.

With an ability to flawlessly mix classic House grooves with modern grit and production prowess, Saladin and his music seem to be criminally under rated.  His latest release, “Chicago Dirty”, is a slow burning, dark and pumping jam that could work during peak hour or after hours.  Haunting synths mix with sporadic vocal chops, slick drum programming and an all around vibe – this one hits.

Check out some of my other recent Saladin favs below and make sure you keep an eye out for him.  

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