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Salem Releases New Anthem ‘Bad Word’

There is a new force in the US Pop scene and her name is Salem.  Since releasing her debut single on Spotify just last year, the young songstress has been able to rack up some major numbers, quality support and a growing fanbase.

Following her last smash, “Impatient“, and a pack of remixes including flips by Jordan Jay, Konstellation and Fish Fox, Salem is now back with her latest offering, “Bad Word“.  The inspiration for her new single came when a relationship ended because she wouldn’t reciprocate the words “I love you,” and “it made ‘love’ feel like a bad word.” by Bendik Møller and Noah McGuire, the new track is a playful Pop anthem that features bubbly rhythms, bouncing basslines and a summertime vibe, allowing Salem to deliver a top notch vocal performance.  Her dynamic vocals go from attitude laced and energetic to smooth and somber, helping to push the lyrics to the forefront and making them really hit.

Make sure you check this one out and keep an eye on Salem.  I’m sure she has a lot more in the works.

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