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Sam Tompkins Drops Emotional New Single, "Hero"

In late January, the rapidly rising UK pop artist, Sam Tompkins released his latest single, "Hero". An emotional note written to his father, "Hero" is a message of hope in dark times. The song is written as an ode, a tribute, to the strength that his father embodied and portrayed, through some particularly tough times, in life. "Hero", is a deeply personal song for Sam. His courageous and heart-felt lyrics work hand-in-hand with a vulnerable yet silky smooth, vocal performance, to bare the true emotionality of the song and show his true chops as a songwriter. "Some turn invisible, But that's not original, Might not be invincible, But you're still my hero, dad" is the final verse of the song, further proving the strength of Tompkins' father in a challenging time that leaves many people unable to remain constant and steadfast.

"Hero", is an emotionally raw and melodic track, that slow burns into your soul. A clean acoustic riff, gently guides beautifully sung lyrics from your ears to your heart and a steady percussion drives directly to your feet, forcing the toes to tap.

"Hero" will be the third track to release from Sam's upcoming EP, 'who do you pray to?', set to drop on March 18, 2022. The single is another major example of the artists talent. There is no denying that Sam Tompkins is a force of nature. The London based, singer/songwriter has garnered an impressive online following, including TikTok covers, a string of videos gone viral, and amassing over 69 million streams, globally. Over the past year, Tompkins' following has grown and continues to, adding to the already obvious notion, this kid is His music has been acclaimed by many of the big names in the industry, including MTV, BBC Radio 1, and found a home on flagship Spotify editorial playlists.

With fans, the likes of Elton John and Bastille, it would be hard to say that Sam Tompkins career is going anywhere but to the top. The artist sells-out nearly every venue he is set to play and his live show reputation stretches across Europe. Sam has gone from busking in Brighton, to planning a massive European tour for 2022. His momentum is propelling his career with little signs of slowing down.

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