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SAM TOMPKINS give us all a Dreampop hug with SEE ME, and helps us through everything.

It takes a lot to make your pain, you're mental struggles, a theme and motif in your track, in a way that is not only visceral, open and unapologetic but also just beautifully well constructed. and UK based singer,songwriter Sam Tompkins gives us an honest and loving story.

"See Me" is a write-up on the wall of our universal feelings, we've all felt the way the track soliloquies to us, we've all been dysphoric, broken, in pain and subsequently lost, whether from a relationship, family relations or just a general feeling of loss.

Sam Tompkins gives us a ballad of soft pop, folk vocal aesthetics, and a dash of soul rock that builds like our resilience, grows like our identities and ultimately gives us everything we need to wipe the tears away.

"See Me" is a cry for help and a hug at the same time, and we needed to hear all of it.

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