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Sam Woods Returns with Funky "Motel 6"

It's almost the weekend and you know what that's time to escape reality! At least, that's what newcomer Sam Woods' new track is all about. Based in LA, the young pop artist felt the urge to break up the mundane nature of everyday life. Inspired by artists like Michael Jackson, the new track has a refreshing dose of 'funk' that is sure to get you up and onto the dancefloor. By incorporating a variety of elements from pop, r&b and funk, the NYU alum has crafted a unique, cross genre sound uniquely his own. With his momentum on the rise, woods has so far garnered praise from the likes of Fashionably Early, while his songs have been featured on playlists like Dummy Mag’s ‘BRAND NEW’. Be sure to add "Motel 6" to your weekend playlist today.

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