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Sara Diamond Continues to Shine with New Album "SaraX"

To say I am a sucker for Sara Diamond would be an understatement. When the multi-talented, Montreal based songstress first landed in my inbox in 2017, I was instantly hooked and I have been holding onto every note ever since. With here rich/saucy/dynamic vocals, clever way with words and her willingness to take risks, Sara Diamond has stunned me time and time again over the years and just keeps the hits coming. Whenever I see a new tune from her in my inbox, there are a few things that I know for certain - it is going to be clean, she is going to sound great, and you never know what vibe you are going to get. Sara Diamond's repertoire really is like a box of chocolate... and I love chocolate.

As a music lover, blogger and all around fiend for new music, there is often nothing more fun for me than watching an artist I have been watching for years continue to grow and get the clout they deserve. In my opinion, quality and consistency are two of the main ingredients in a long-term career in music, and Sara Diamond has mad sure to hit both marks over and over again. Her talent is undeniable, but it is her drive and ability to follow up that make me fall deeper and deeper for her with every release. While Sara Diamond may have racked up over 30M streams to date while also landing on collabs with heavyweights like Kaskade, Adventure Club, NASAYA, Tyler Shaw and more, I truly believe her time has yet to come. While the buzz is real and exciting to see, I have no doubt this is only the beginning for Sara Diamond.

Most recently, Sara Diamond has released her highly-anticipated album "SaraX", and it is more than what I could have asked for. The 8-track offering sees her flexing all of her abilities from track to track, ensuring that anyone who listens has no choice but to come back and listen some more. As always her vocals hypnotize while perfectly executed production and top-notch songwriting cut deep. While much of the product leans a bit contemporary R&B, Sara Diamond always has a way of making whatever she puts out feel fresh and totally her.

Whether you want to cry over an ex, get busy in the bedroom or just take a slow drive down a long road - this may be just the soundtrack for you. Do yourself a favor and lock in with Sara Diamond... she's not gong anywhere anytime soon.

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