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Sara Phillips is on Fire [VIDEO]

After racking up hundreds of thousands of plays on her single, “House on Fire“, Montreal born, LA based Sara Phillips is back with a visual treatment for the tune.

Before we get into the video, let’s talk about the song.  The emotional tune blends Pop, R&B and Indie vibes to create a captivating, feeling inducing release.  With Sara’s vocals are the forefront, the production relies on piano, bass and drums to make maximum impact.  With the vocals remaining haunting, soft spoken and full of regret, it is easy for the story behind the lyrics to be portrayed.  I also love the cadence of the vocals, floating atop of the production they become hard to follow until you’ve listened enough times for them to catch.

Visually, there isn’t much going on.  A beautiful location, emotional performance and some nice camera work are all that are needed.  Sara is the star of the show here, so the less there is going on the more you are able to keep the focus on her.

Really digging this one.

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