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Satellite Stories Drop Final Album ‘Cut Out The Lights’ [VIDEO]

For me, it is always super cool to stumble upon incredible artists who may be huge in one area of the world, yet unheard of in others.  About a month ago I found a new single from Satellite Stories in my inbox titled, “Cut Out the Lights”, and I have been rocking it ever since.  What serves as the title track from their fifth and final studio album of the same name, Satellite Stories are looking to close things out with a bang. 

Satellite Stories, apparently, are one of the biggest Indie acts in Finland – and for good reason.  Having just released their 5th album, seeing over 60M streams worldwide, and having performed over 300 headlining performances, Satellite Stories seem to have found a way to connect with their fans, time and time again.  Brilliant Pop melodies couple with jam worth production to create uplifting and anthemic tunes that are sure to rock some major venues.

The new 10-track project, while it may be the last album they plan to release, without a doubt helps to cement their impact on the Finnish scene for some time to come.  Check it out in full below.

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