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Satin Jackets releases dazzling nu-disco double LP "Reunion"

The german nu-disco producer Satin Jackets has released his newest album Reunion, a massive double LP of poolside nu disco and summery synth pop.

Photo Credit: Øystein Haara

Today, the powerhouse nu-disco producer Tim Bernhardt, better known as Satin Jackets, has released his newest album, Reunion. At 14 tracks and nearly an hour in runtime, Reunions is the most ambitious Satin Jackets album yet, and the producer successfully avoids biting off more than he could chew on this breezy double LP. Highlights include singles "First Thing" featuring the British singer Tailor and the Ivy Falls assisted "Different Directions", as well as album cuts like the heartfelt and sweeping synth pop jam “I’m With It” featuring Metaxas.

Inspired in part by the Lockdown Streams that drew hundreds of thousands of viewers looking for a nu-disco oasis while stuck inside, Reunion shows Satin Jackets simultaneously refining the existing formula of his music while also growing comfortable enough to step out of that box into more pop-accessible tunes. The result maintains the effervescent grooves that defined his earlier music, while also demonstrating a maturity to his songwriting craft and his ability to highlight a great pop vocal line.

"Throughout 2020 we recorded a number of what we called Lockdown Streams" explains Bernhardt. With almost no promotion those sessions ended up being streamed over a million-and-a-half times, but for Bernhardt the real reward was the response from fans. "We had so many positive comments from people saying how these streams had helped through difficult times or simply put a much needed smile on their faces. Despite being unable to connect in person, these sessions helped me rediscover the power that music can have to create shared moments."

"It allowed me to rediscover the connection between what I do and what people feel and that fed directly into making ‘Reunion’,” elaborates Bernhardt. “There's a lot of despair and division in the world right now but it is so important we try to stay positive and hold onto the things that bring us together. There's few things that can do that more than music, and that was the thought I took with me when I started work on this album. Not just the idea that music brings people together but going beyond that, asking why we do the things that we do and feel what we feel."

Reunion is out today via Eskimo Recordings, and is also available for purchase on Vinyl / CD

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