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Savanna Leigh Stuns with Live Version of Recent Single "locked in july"

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Savanna Leigh invites listeners into an intimate musical journey with the release of the live version of her song, "Locked in July." This poignant track encapsulates the essence of yearning to rewind time, reliving a moment when everything was perfect before the inevitable loss. The live rendition, with its stripped-back arrangement and focus on guitar and keys, adds a new layer of authenticity to an already emotionally charged piece. Savanna's personal connection to, "Locked in July," shines through as she shares the inspiration behind the song, rooted in a summer visit to her Florida hometown in 2022. The live version becomes a testament to her love for the song, emphasizing its importance in her repertoire. As she expresses, "To this day, 'Locked in July' is one of my favorite songs I’ve ever released, and I feel the most connected to you guys whenever I get to play it live at shows. I hope you love it."

In the live version of, "Locked in July," Savanna Leigh not only showcases her musical talent but also invites listeners into a shared space of vulnerability and nostalgia. It's a testament to her ability to capture the intricacies of human emotion, making her a standout artist and someone well worth keeping a close eye on. Savanna's impact is evident in her impressive streaming numbers, with over 4 million streams across all platforms. Her recent EP, "Somewhere in Between," has garnered attention on playlists like POP Rising, Next Gen Singer-Songwriter, Fresh Finds, and Fresh Finds: POP. With plenty of more releases promised in the near future, Savanna Leigh is on a trajectory of continued success, sharing her real-time experiences and insights into the tumultuous journey of early adulthood.

At just 23, Savanna Leigh emerges as a rising Pop sensation with a unique ability to weave stories that resonate deeply with her audience. Her music is more than just a collection of songs; it's a conduit for fans to express emotions and experiences they may struggle to share otherwise. Savanna's unapologetic lyricism and storytelling prowess make her a captivating artist in the crowded music landscape. Growing up in a family of seasoned entertainers in Florida, Savanna's early exposure to the intricacies of the music industry paved the way for her journey. Now based in Nashville, she channels her accumulated wisdom into music that is both relatable and refreshing.

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