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Scottish Artist Greg Pearson Releases "Someone to Love"

Updated: 5 days ago

Scottish singer-songwriter Greg Pearson is ending the year on a high note with the captivating release of "Someone to Love". Born and raised in Edinburgh, Pearson has exhibited an incredible amount of personal growth, now reaching a level of songwriting that sits comfortable next to prominent artists like Paolo Nutini and Brandon Flowers. In "Someone to Love", we are given pop-soaked melodies that elevate Pearson's vulnerable vocals and heart-on-sleeve storytelling. Honing his craft with a six month stint in California, Pearson embraced a sense of loneliness that has served as the perfect catalyst for his artistic inspiration. Now back with "Someone to Love", we are excited to witness a new level of vulnerability from the artist, complete with complex melodies and engaging vocals, fit for modern day airwaves.

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