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Scottish Singer-Songwriter Rosie H Sullivan Shares Profound “So It Is”

While many young artists are writing about heartache through an angsty lens, Rosie H Sullivan is diving deeper. With lyrics in the vein of Joni Mitchell, this old soul tells her tale with passion and peace. A relationship breakdown coupled with a relocation to mainland Scotland that turned Rosie’s life upside down in a matter of weeks, all exacerbated by the pandemic, and her debut “So it is” nurtures those confusing feelings brought about by change.

Recorded in one take under a beautiful summer’s day in Rosie’s garden, “So it is” is an intimate tune that shines with wise lyrics and a mellow melody. Sullivan’s vocals are warm like the glowing embers of an old fire, further complementing the tune that feels too precious for human ears. The birds chirping in the background add to the tune’s momentary feeling; that it somehow has a way to make you feel absolutely present and whisked away all at the same time.

On its day of release “So it is” reached number 12 in the iTunes singer songwriter charts as well as being included in a host of independent Spotify playlists across the world. Luckily, this tune is only the beginning of a collection of music all written during a turbulent last year on the Isle of Lewis. We look forward to hearing more from this breathtaking artist.

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