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Senses shines in their powerful and honest new single “When It Rains”

Senses is a hard-hitting contemporary Rock trio out of LA comprised of Madison Taylor (vocals), Nick Sampson (drums), and Josh Bissell (guitar). Their latest single, “When It Rains”, is an explosion of energy that’ll leave your ears ringing and heart full. The track battles with the complex dynamics of relationships and asserts that it might be impossible to actually know someone/be known. For a three-part group, Senses’ enormous sound, but above all “When It Rains” is excellent because of its hard-hitting lyrics. Not only does every single line seem to ring true in an undeniably relatable manner, the eloquence by which “When It Rains” develops in sentiment reflects a natural and intuitive thought process. In its totality, Senses’ latest single is a testament to their cohesive group dynamic and is impossible to ignore. 

Madison Taylor’s raw vocal tone matches the group’s powerful sound, culminating into an effective and dynamic listening experience. As “When It Rains” fluctuates between its highs and lows, you’ll find yourself repeating memorable lyrics over and over to yourself. We’ve all felt misunderstood at some point, and in those moments it’s often hard to make out exactly what it is that we need. Well, Senses hits the nail on the head. If only others could see us as we see ourselves, maybe that would explain why we do what we do. Conversely, it is equally difficult to supply that kind of support for someone else. When Taylor sings “I can’t tell you what you want to hear and you can’t take it”, it’s almost jarring how honest the statement is. This dynamic, of simultaneously being misunderstood and not understanding is at the heart of “When It Rains”. Above all, Senses has our full attention with this powerful and honest track. I’d like to encourage anyone to give “When It Rains” a listen, as it is undeniably relatable and you may just find yourself hungry for more from the LA trio.

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