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Serbsican Graces us With the Ultimate Club Jam

St. Louis duo Emilio Hernandez and Andrija “Dre” Divac, better known as Serbsican, are on a mission to break through with new sounds, radiating feels in the Electronic and House scene, and they’re going all the way up. Dabbling in both remixes and originals, Serbsican has been making moves since 2012, with a major take off in 2015 crafting remixes of Stonebridge’s “If You Like It” and “Put Em High” which both hit #1 on Billboard Dance Charts. However, their most recent original, “Somebody” featuring Tony Chevy comes along with three intense remixes, each bringing to the table a new electric vibe.

Often partnering with other DJ’s, producers, and vocalists, Serbsican create a diverse variety of mix’s in both their originals and remixes. These collaborations give such a unique feel to each song, constantly changing it up and experimenting, fans are kept on their feet. With “Somebody”, Tony Chevy who lyrically and vocally adds a sexy, seductive appeal to the new hit, crafting it into the ultimate club jam.

“Somebody” delivers with an original mix, radio edit, and remixes by Adam Rickfors, Daniel Dash, and LA Rush who each bring their own flavor, giving fans a taste of who they are as artists. Rickfors brings a spacey, echoey feel to “Somebody”,with the perfect build up to the drop. Daniel Dash brings more of a bass heavy mix with unique, quirky sounds throughout, giving the single a warped feel. LA Rush Club’s remix hits you with the perfect smooth build ups, and consistent flowing beat that’ll throw you into a trance. With three very distinct remixes, “Somebody” puts out with a vibe for all electronic and house lovers. Each mix in this package will be sure to have you groovin’ and movin’ in some type of way… you simply can’t resist the beat.​

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