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SFRNG’S quirky, yet groovy Remix to “Pray for me” by Kristin Husøy

The DJ SFRNG continues to show impressive strides in the quest to becoming a household name. His remix to “Pray for me” begins with a similar click-sound to Adele’s Rolling in the deep, followed by Kristin Husøy’s deep and assertive vocals forcing the listener to sit back and say “Woah.” Following the introduction comes a buildup bounce that gets you ready for an eccentric, clever, and fun drop. SFRNG allows the drop to play by itself, but quickly adds vocals, that reach unusual pitches that really synthesize Husøy‘s sound to an awesome, supernatural sounding, SciFi drop. The song is upbeat, happy, yet fierce and transports you to a battle zone, “Pray for me / Know I’m bleeding but I’ll never stop.” Husøy is a warrior and if you are a proud listener, then you are a warrior as well. 

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