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Shawn Mathews Dreams of Brighter Days on “Sunshine”

With some of us combating COVID depression, seasonal depression, and any other battle we may be going through, we could use a little bit of warmth on our souls. Shawn Mathews is providing some illumination with his sunny single “Sunshine.”

The tune is colorful and catchy thanks to some cheeky lyrics and fun instrumentation. The production is primarily built around the electric guitar riff, with synth pads, live programmed drums, and bass guitar supporting the energy it emits. The carefree essence of “Sunshine” really pops through certain lyrics like “I’ve been giving myself some time to grow” and “I’ve been feeling myself, yeah I don’t need anything else.” The tune really provides a sense of better days during a time where those days seem few and far between.

Featured on Lyrical Lemonade, Shawn Mathews is a multi-talented musician who is able to blend elements from various genres into his distinctive mix of Pop and R&B. Using guitar, drums, and sometimes popular synth melodies, Shawn adds a smooth vocal/lyrical performance to his songs which resemble the R&B styling of his influences Bazzi, Khalid, Dominic Fike, and Drake. This young Pennsylvania based artist has an extremely relevant feel to his songs and makes music that listeners can identify with.

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