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Shawn Mathews Releases, “MIC CHECK!,” a New and Booming Electric Pop Rock Song

“MIC CHECK!” is a fun and lively blend of pop and rock that has a youthful swagger and vibrant energy to it. The combination of emotion and attitude makes for a fun sound with solid guitar lines, booming drums, and epic bass interactions.

“MIC CHECK” is not only an incredibly fun and epic rock song, but is lyrically strong as well. “MIC CHECK!” is about getting on stage and feeling absolutely electric and energized. It discusses pushing through insecurities and finding confidence through music and performance. Shawn exudes swagger and “it” factor by hopping behind the mic and giving a high energy performance.

“MIC CHECK!” has an intense electric guitar and strong pounding dance beat that makes it an incredible and irresistible track. The track is filled with guitar solos, roaring drums, and Shawn’s confident and braggadocious vocals that are perfect for the track's theme. As a dancer and actor, Shawn fuses his love for dance and pop music to create his own brand of music that is unique and is free form genre constraints.

Shawn Mathews is a multi-talented musician who can blend elements from various genres into his distinctive mix of Pop and R&B.

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