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Shawn Mathews Releases New Single “Next to Me”

Next to me is a a romantic song about longing to have that special someone physically right next to you. The song has the bedroom/indie pop/rock type of feel similar to Clairo, Dominic Fike, Omar Apollo, and The Wallows. The components include vocals, electric guitars, a bass guitar, and a live drum kit. Highlights include a catchy chorus, solid hook and an old record store vibe. He was looking to create something that exudes major chill vibes with a romantic, mellow mood, almost pensive.

Shawn Mathews is a multi-talented musician who is able to blend elements from various genres into his distinctive mix of Pop and R&B. Using guitar, drums, and sometimes popular synth melodies, Shawn adds a smooth vocal/lyrical performance to his songs which resemble the R&B styling of his influences Bazzi, Khalid, Dominic Fike, and Drake. This young Pennsylvania based artist has an extremely relevant feel to his songs and makes music that listeners can identify with.

His latest single Wanna Be is a shift from the usual electronic music he makes and is more of an Indie Pop / Alt pop type of song well received by audiences helping discover his love for this genre. It motivated him to create his next single Next To Me scheduled for release on December 16th. If you like Wanna Be, You will love Next To Me!

Shawn was signed to his college label VALE Records in 2020 and released his EP Blue with them. His debut EP Blue features six singles ‘Down Bad, ‘Don’t Say Hi To Me’, ‘Erase It’, ‘Higher’, ‘Saved Me’, and ‘Hold Me Down’ in addition to two versatile singles Bored, a classic Hyerpop track about being stuck inside during these difficult times waiting for things to change and there superhit Wanna Be which is a favorite with listeners of all ages.

Being a dancer and actor, Shawn fuses his love for dance and American Pop music to create his own unique brand of music with a unique style that is his own and aims to create music without genre constraints.

His love for performing and music equates to his electric stage presence when performing live. When he is not making music, Shawn is acting in regional musical theater productions or teaching his students hip-hop moves to the latest hits. Shawn also loves rapping to the tracks from Lin-Manuel’s Miranda’s superhit musicals “Hamilton” and “In The Heights” and can do a smooth moonwalk in addition to hard hitting hip hop moves. Check out his performances on his YouTube Channel:

Or catch him making tiktoks to his own songs @:

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