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Shawn Mendes Teams Up with Zedd for ‘Lost In Japan’ Remix

There’s not too much intro needed for these next two artists.  If you aren’t familiar with Shawn Mendes and Zedd, than you most likely live on a deserted island with no access to internet, radio or TV.

The new collaboration comes hot in the heels of Shawn’s self-titled third album that was released in May of this year.  One of the lead singles, “Lost In Japan”, has already garnered over 200M+ streams worldwide, but Shawn wanted to breathe new life into the track, bringing his buddy Zedd on for a massive remix.  He says, “When we decided to make Lost In Japan the next single, I wanted to do an exciting remix for the song, and with Zedd being a good friend and such an amazing artist, it felt natural to ask him to collaborate on it. What he did with it is so incredible and I’m so excited for the world to hear it.

Since both artists are multi-platinum in their own right, the pairing only seemed natural and the outcome is exactly what you would hope for. Taking the original up a notch, Zedd crafts a vibrant and dynamic production around Shawn’s vocals.  Layered harmonic vocal lines, bright Future Bass inspired synths, funky basslines and a whole lot of swing help to transform the release into a tune that can work from the ballroom to the main stage.  While underlying classical arrangements set the tone, Zedd adds a new age flare that perfectly compliments Shawn’s vocals.  Both retro and modern, the new remix has appeal for the ages.

When asked about the collaboration Zedd offers, “I was really excited when Shawn asked me to work on a new version of “Lost In Japan”. I tried to fuse both of our worlds together and bring us both to a place we wouldn’t have gone to by ourselves.  It’s my favorite song from the album so it was super fun to put my own touch to it.

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