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“She Said” by BRKN BLVD ft. KG Lillian is This Summer’s New Breakup Anthem

Updated: May 3, 2022

Hot off the heels of his debut single, “Over the Rainbow”, NYC-based BRKN BLVD is keeping his foot on the gas with the release of follow up song, “She Said.” Making good on his promise to keep the bops coming, his second song is a gritty and emotive pop jam that is inspired by his life and relationship.

She Said” is as moody as it is lyrical. Not only does “She Said” showcase BRKN BLVD songwriting chops as an artist who can communicate a raw and authentic story, but highlights his ability as an artist to translate the mood of a piece sonically via production.

The musical elements of “She Said” mimics the heartbreak, sadness, and loss that comes from the destruction of a beloved relationship. With ambient lofi-beats and a somber, yet, hazy guitar, “She Said” uses minimal instrumentation to tell the story of a relationship gone sour.

KG Lillian, internet-artist-pal of BRKN BLVD and incredibly talented Austin-based singer/songwriter, jumps on the track to act as the female love-interest who “She Said” is about. KG Lillian’s beautiful and emotive vocal performance allows the concept of the song to be fully realized by allowing a female perspective to shine through and take center stage. This merge of two singers telling one story allows listeners to experience the failed love BRKN BLVD sings about instead of just passively listening and relating from a far.

Together, both artists find a perfect balance, helping to add to the songs sappy-sad-torn-never-wanna-let-you-go type vibes. With CHYLD once again behind the production, “She Said”, brings a deep and dynamic production that perfectly complements the unexpected, yet shining duet.

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