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ShiShi Teams Up with VinDon for ‘Dominion’

NYC DJ/producer/global citizen and RockDafuqOut mainstay ShiShi is back once again with his new banger, “Dominion”.  Born in the US to Indian parents ShiShi was raised on three continents, exposing him to many different experiences and cultures – helping to not only shape who he is as a person, but to also help cultivate his signature sound as an artist. 

Featuring vocals from VinDon the new single continues to stay in line with previous releases with ShiShi blending elements from around the world into an outright jam that will cross borders and light dance floors on fire.  This time around ShiShi blends Dancehall and Bhangra into a slick new tune that is as haunting as it is danceable.

About the release ShiShi says, “[Dominion fuses] some of my favorite elements of both Indian and Caribbean music. This song is about knowing what you want and taking no prisoners – 2019 energy all year long.

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