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‘Shona Malanga a unique creation born from the Africa Rising Music Conference in collaboration with the multi-talented artist Versatile and Producer Kamaal TheWan’

Versatile, the dynamic and innovative artist known for his boundary-pushing musical style, teams up with the talented producer Kamaal Thewan to release their latest creation, "Shona Malanga." This romantic love song explores the depths of devotion, portraying the willingness to embark on a long and challenging journey just to be reunited with the love of one's life.


The genesis of their latest release, ' Shona Malanga,' took root during the 2023 year's Africa Rising Music Conference, specifically within the Searching For Paradise studio sessions. Over two days at the Hallmark House Hotel studios in Johannesburg, South Africa, over 30 artists were brought together in 16 dynamic sessions, resulting in a truly collaborative and transformative musical experience.


The magic of "Shona Malanga" lies in the craftsmanship of Versatile's lyrics, vividly brought to life by Kamaal Thewan's groovy and moody production. The song seamlessly marries elements of Amapiano and Deep House, resulting in a lush and ethereal sonic experience that transcends genre boundaries. It stands as a testament to the power of cross-genre collaborations in the world of music.


Versatile, reflecting on the creation of "Shona Malanga," expresses, "This is definitely one of my proudest songs. It was created purely as a piece of art that I hope people will appreciate and enjoy. It’s a song that wasn’t made to fit any specific format or style. The sound is just so different and rich. It’s like an experience at an art exhibition, and I’d love everyone to have that experience."


Kamaal Thewan, the mastermind behind the production, shares his perspective on the song, saying, "The ongoing pursuit of a sound that represents who I am, where I'm from, and what I like is how I got to sculpt 'Shona Malanga.' I took the time to really enhance the tonality of Versatile’s voice by not drowning it in bass or lead synths and opting for a high-emotion dance music arrangement, paying homage to Amapiano roots and the deep house structure."


"Shona Malanga" symbolizes the strength of perseverance and commitment, whether it be in the pursuit of a career, love, or passion. Kamaal Thewan adds, "Paradise really had me swimming out of my depths, but I enjoyed every moment of creating in a realm where I'm an infant."

For those who appreciate easy listening music with a good groove, "Shona Malanga" promises to be a delightful offering. The song invites listeners to immerse themselves in its unique soundscape and experience the emotional journey it unfolds.


"Shona Malanga” is set to be released on all major streaming platforms on the 19th of January 2024. Don't miss the opportunity to be swept away by the enchanting collaboration between Versatile and Kamaal Thewan.



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Label Copy: 

Genre: Amapiano 

ISRC: DEY472378637  


Composers: Kagiso Innocent Maake and Nhlakanipho Ntanda

Issued by Paradise Sound System 

For More Information contact: Mike Kelly on 





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