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Showing Praise to The Unlikely Candidates [VIDEO]

Hailing from Texas, gritty Alt Pop group The Unlikely Candidates have just released the official lyric video for their most recent single m, “Oh My Dear Lord”.

First coming together at a high school party, The Unlikely Candidates have been together ever since and have amassed quite the catalog.  On top of the groups three EP’s, they have spent plenty of time on the road alongside artists like Sublime With Rome, The Offspring, the Dirty Heads and Fall Out Boy.  To date, they have amassed over 17M streams on Spotify – which only goes to prove that their music is highly accessible and entertaining.

Oh My Dear Lord”, sees the group sticking to their guns with energetic vocals, massive hooks and interesting production.  Incorporating both organic and electronic elements in the production, the highly dynamic track is a massive, infectious tune that has this atheist shouting praise to the dear Lord.  Lead singer Kyle Morris absolutely takes hold of the track with his powerful vocals and gritty tone – cutting though the track and connecting on a personal level.

The lyric video is equally as entertaining.  Silhouetted skeletons sing along to the tune while the text makes sure you don’t miss a beat.

This one will be in heavy rotation for me.  This is a morning mood booster type of jam.  It also makes me want to fuck shit up.  So there’s that.

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